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Ariana Bridal Luxury Robe

The Ariana Bridal Luxury Robe is for the bride who wants a hit of more colour in the beading and is an array of opal and pearl colour tones. The lace is all beaded and all the flowers and leaves accentuated with a soft oyster colour embroidery, sequins and beads.
The Roman & French Luxury Bridal Robe collection is all about the finer details and offering each bride the option to customise each garment to fit her body perfectly. We use exquisite fabrics and the finishing touches demonstrates our eye for detail and quality couture techniques.

Custom making your bridal robe for you, means that we can make anything possible!

Your body is our canvas and we will work closely with you to create a bridal robe that fits your body and is unique to your vision.  Anything is possible!

This order is a custom piece and created for you upon ordering and will take around 8-9 weeks before it is sent to you by express post or DHL for International Clients.  

Once your order is placed and paid for it can not be cancelled due to the custom atelier.

We will send you a separate email requesting more specific measurements.