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Return Policy


We believe that our client's wedding day is important and very special and as such we maintain very strict adherence to our policies in order to ensure that our product is of the most superior quality at all times. Therefore, we are able to confirm that all items are brand new and custom made for each client and no piece has been worn by another client and resold. We are unable to accept return for store credit or exchange on any of the following items which are not eligible for exchange for store credit exchange or replacement product.


No Change Of Mind

We provide high level of customer service, whether it be 'face to face' or 'online', with this in mind, we may provide guidance to customers as to differentiating products and the benefits of one product over another.  A customer is left to make their own decision on following through on a purchase with Roman and French and it is their same decision to accept the store policies of 'no change of mind' and 'no return of exempt items' that are on this list. It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of conditions of sale for exempt items.

No change of mind because of style direction change or date change

From time to time a client may change the direction of her overall bridal style or in some instances, sadly, the event is cancelled altogether. In both instances, we are unable to offer any remedy, credit, exchange or buy-back for this change of mind or change of event.

Items NOT eligible for return for online store exchange or store credit note.


For hygiene reasons, any type of earrings including 'clip earrings' or 'post back earrings' cannot be accepted for a store exchange or store credit note, we hope you appreciate this exception to the rule, as we do not re-sell used or returned earrings.

The only event where Roman & French will replace pin back earrings is if they are reported to be damaged or faulty pin back or clip earrings.  

Any faulty pin back or clip earrings which are returned for replacement, will not be returned to stock for resale.

Earrings & Necklace Sets

Earrings and Necklace sets will not be accepted for any type of return as they are bought as a complete set and can not be re-sold due to hygiene reasons for earrings being worn.


Due to hygiene, handling of delicate hair piece items and chemical (hairspray) usage reasons Roman & French will not be able to accept a headwear/headpieces product for online store credit or exchange.  

Due to the very delicate nature of a bridal headpiece we will not resell a hair piece to another client  after it has been handled and taken out of its packaging and placed onto another person's head and handled with their hands.

To expand further:

1)based on hygiene reasons we are not in a position to facilitate returns on any headpieces, as we need to guarantee to other brides that our pieces are all new when they purchase them and thus have not been worn by another person outside of our store for any amount of time.

2) hygiene also includes 'handling with hands' which may contain traces of any of or multiple layers of; oils, grime, makeup, food, creams, moisturisers, hand sanitizers or powders to name a few solids that may have an impact on metal, stones and or pearls.

3) We also can not guarantee how the item has been treated when out of store and whether it has been exposed to toxic chemicals or sprays that may affect the quality of the product. Specifically hairdressing products.

Lingerie / Knickers/ Bra/ 

Lingerie is custom made to order and are a personal intimate apparel and are not eligible for return for store credit.

Bridal Robes and Bridal Party Robes

Robes are custom made to order and are a personal intimate apparel and are not eligible for return for store credit.

Monogrammed Robes

All monogramming names/words are provided by the client and checked by the client prior to Roman and French commencing monogramming service. No change of mind after the initial order is placed. Monogrammed pieces are all provided with specific care instructions and it is expected that these care instructions are referred to, in order to ensure the product is cared for approproriately. Unfortunately monograms do fade over time due to natural wear and tear. Unfortunately we can not replace any items free of charge that have faded or have been cared for negligently.


The very nature of the bridal veils is delicate and very personable and they are all custom made to your order. All veils are made to order and therefore are not eligible for return for store credit.

Couture Evening Bags

These items are made to order and are not eligible for return for store credit.

Foot Jewellery

Foot Jewellery is a personal hygiene item and is not eligible for return for store credit.

Bridal Sash

Bridal Sash is a custom made item and is not eligible for return for store credit.


All bridal shoes are custom made and a special order for each customer. Each shoe is quality checked prior to being packed for a customer. The custom decides on the size with guidance by the R&F team. The order for shoes is a custom order. The nature of the material used in the shoes are very delicate an the beading and fabric is very fragile. The shoes are in perfect condition when they are packed and prepared for each customer. There is no exchange or store credit allowed for purchase of shoes.  

Special Orders / Customised Orders

Due to the nature of creating customised products for a client, Roman & French will not be in a position to acknowledge the intention to return or exchange any couture or customised product for store credit or exchange. As all items are handcrafted or hand assembled, they are made to order (Roman & French will make the item/s upon order confirmation and receipt of payment).

Shipping for a return

If your product is eligible for return, please contact us and we'll discuss alternative pieces with you.

As long as your return meets the criteria set out in our conditions we are happy to assist you for a :

- return for store credit or;

- exchange to another product

It will be the customer's responsibility to return the product to Roman & French at your own cost and it must be a express postage product with a tracking number and signature.

All products returned must be repackaged in exactly the same way as they were received, including outer bubble wrap and outer protective cardboard.

Damaged in transit back to Roman & French

If any part of the item/product is missing or damaged during transit due to poor packaging or poor handling a store credit or exchange will not be offered as it is the customer's responsibility to ensure ultimate safety in the repacking of items which need replacement or restocking for store credit. The item will be returned to the customer.

Replacement Exchange Product

The replacement product will be sent once the payment has been finalised. A shipping fee quote will be provided to the client to re-shippd to the client for the subsequent product delivery and charged to the client prior to re-delivery.

Faulty or Damaged Product

Although our team inspect each item prior to preparation for packaging before dispatch, there may be a product which may have altered during transit.

If ever there is a product which is damaged or faulty, Roman & French will work towards replacing it for you immediately.  Please notify Roman & French in writing  with supporting images of the fault within 1 day of receiving your order with an image of the fault.

A return for exchange cannot be offered for a faulty or damaged product, however, an exact replacement will be offered at no additional cost to the client. Should you choose to request a return for a damaged or faulty product please do so in writing the first day you receive and open the product your parcel from Roman & French.  

Please write to our Customer Service team using the following email sales@romanandfrench.com.

Roman & French will rn communicate with you regarding the replacement of your damaged product.

Wear and Tear and Customer Damaging product through mis-handling of product

An exchange or store credit will not be offered if the customer has damaged the product through mis-usage or mishandling.  

This also includes ordinary wear and tear of product usage over a period of time. 


Camera Footage of Packing Area

All items are double checked prior to leaving our warehouse and we have surveillance camera footage as proof to establish that our quality is exceptional and pristine prior to delivery.  All R&F Staff are aware of all camera footage in store and in packing area or warehouse.


No refund for incorrect choice or No refunds if you change your mind are offered. Please choose carefully.


Items which have been worn and damaged due general wear and tear or negligence or general usage. Items which have perfume or water damage will not be agreed to for exchange or store credit.

Caring for your Jewellery and Headpiece

We strongly recommend you ensure that your earrings and headpiece are completely covered before your hair dresser proceeds to spray any chemical spray on your head or near or around your face, this spray will affect the lustre and nature of your headpiece and earrings, because the 'thin film residue' of chemical will act as a barrier and not be as glistening as when you first purchased your item.

Care for your garment

All garments are labelled or provided with 'care instructions'. These instructions should be followed accurately in order to maintain and preserve your garment as intended. Failure to maintain or care for any products that have otherwise been provided with care instructions is the decision of the buyer to neglect the care instructions provided.

Notify Roman & French by writing about your intention to organise a return for store credit or exchange

In very special circumstances, there may be agreement to a exchange of items that do not fall into any of the categories that are exempt. If your item is eligible and should you choose to request a return for store credit please do so in writing within 3 days of receiving your parcel from Roman & French for items that do not fall in the above categories.  

Please write to our Customer Service team using the following email sales@romanandfrench.com

Roman & French will communicate with you regarding the option you would like to take, be it an 'exchange' or a 'store credit' and provide the instructions for the return.  

Client Obligation caring for products they wish to return for store credit or exchange

With the intention to return the goods you have purchased, Roman & French request that all the goods you have decided to not keep are kept in the original condition, unworn, undamaged, not soiled, no perfume, no hairspray, no water damage, all ribbons and swing tags attached, and presented in the original packaging as well as the outer safety packaging.

Materials and care instructions

Most of our items in our Jewellery and Hair Accessories collections are made with high quality tarnish resistant plated materials unless otherwise stated, [if not, they are made of lace with no metal present].

TARNISH RESISTANT does not mean 'Tarnish Free'.  To ensure product quality and longevity, plated items are not meant to be in contact with moisture, sweat, perfurme or water. This is the same of any 'Tarnish Resistant' Jewellery you will find in the marketplace.

Goods need to be received

The returned product needs to be received by Roman & French and be assessed an before agreeing to a store return for exchange or a store credit.

Most of the time postal goods arrive where they are addressed to for delivery. However, we think that we should cover off the possibility of goods which are sent for a return, yet are not received by Roman & French. It is critical that a tracking number is obtained when lodging the parcel.   All efforts will be made to track down the package by Australia Post, hence the importance of 'registering' the product.  Roman & French will manage this scenario with each client in the event that it may occur on a case by case basis. It is the client's responsibility to follow up if the parcel has not been received by Roman & French.

Roman & French can not offer any compensation for items not received by their office or items damaged in transit due to poor packaging.

The customer will need to lodge a complaint directly with Australia Post to initiate a claim for insurance or research for location.

Final Terms and Conditions of Return Acceptance

Our team carefully inspects, packages and wraps each item. Each item is assessed for 'functionality' and 'quality' control.  Each package is prepared with the intention to protect it in transit so as to maintain the presentation of all gift packaging for our clients. We ask that our clients fulfill the same packaging as they received their R&F product when they need to return a product to R&F.

If an item/ s is damaged due to customer poor packaging and the product is damaged as a result, the exhange or store credit will not be finalised. The product will be returned to the customer.

Exchange for another product 

For an eligible item, if you prefer to choose another product rather than a store credit, Roman & French will work with you to identify the new product you prefer.  Store credits are not kept as a rolling balance, therefore the entire store credit must be used on one occasion.  You may need to add to your sale if you prefer to purchase an item of greater value that your original purchase.

If the difference in price is 'higher', we will process an invoice for you to pay the difference for the new product this will also include the reshipping fee which is quoted at the time and is dependent on your location and your parcel dimensions.

 At no point is the store credit refundable or transferable to another client.

Re-shipping Fee

A re-shipping fee will be quoted and is dependent on the location and size of package and will be charged to the client for the replacement product to be re-sent once the store credit is used or the exchange is confirmed.

Restocking Fee

A 2.5% restocking fee for each item returned will be deducted from your value of your store credit available.

Roman & French Store Credit - 3 months expiry

Roman & French will happily keep a store credit for 3 months from the time of finalisation date.

Remember, Roman & French is a big store, we have lots of product categories to choose from all year round for most gift needs you have!

Our products are in-stock at all times.

Store Credit Time frame

Our store credit will expire 3 months after it has been organised. It must be used only once and can not be used multiple times with an ongoing rolling balance.


Gift Wrapping

We will forward your new products beautifully packaged so that you have the same experience again.


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These terms and conditions may change without any notice.