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  • Roman & French at Karen Tran Event

    February 10, 2015 2 min read

    Roman & French at Karen Tran Event

    Wow! How incredibly fortunate was I to be a part of this fabulous event! Thanks to the gorgeous people at Wedded Wonderland who are always thinking of ways to inspire fairies who are getting married and the professionals in the wedding industry. The idea that flowers can completely transform a table, a room or a dress is wonderful. I think it’s useful to pass on knowledge if one can. I learnt that your imagination is only limited if you allow yourself to be constrained. If you dream it, then it can probably be created.  The idea that flowers are no longer only in one vase in the centre of a table, but they are assembled to backdrops, to ceilings (creating things called ‘flower clouds’, they are assembled cascading down a candelabra, they can even form part of the runner across the front of a main table.

    The main ingredients required are :
    1. Patience
    2. Creativity
    3. Flowers
    4. And the one magic ingredient………OASIS!!!! Yes without this blessed ‘thing’, flowers will remain in a vase.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing, nothing at all wrong with flowers in a vase in the centre of a table, I mean, I had petals scattered at my wedding… I think the point being that someone like Karen Tran who is well known on the world stage as a ‘Wedding Designer and a Floral Designer’ is responsible for forging the path for innovative ways to display and use flowers to their full potential other than only in a vase.

    Roman & French were sponsors of this event and with this prestige we were able to offer all of the guests our gifts. The men walked about with bridal cufflinks and the women walked away with bridal earrings.

    Whereas the Wedded Wonderland team, Wendy El Khoury, Ashlie Lebbos and Harriet Hall, as well as Karen Tran and her daughters Aileen Tran and Erica Tran, Nadia of Events by Nadia and not to mention Juliette from Bells N’Whistles, and professional model Sarah who modelled a Pallas Couture gown  all wore Roman & French bridal jewellery on the evening. That just shows you that ‘you don’t have to be a bride to appreciate or wear Roman & French’……girls are girls and jewellery is jewellery!

    Reference: @wedded wonderland @karen tran events @aileen tran @pallas couture @bells n whistles @dockside @inlighten photography for all professional images of the evening

    Galleries of images, courtesy of  INLIGHTEN PHOTOGRAPHY(@inlightenphotography)


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