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    Roman & French are an online bridal boutique and we pride ourselves on being very customer driven. We really love what we do, and we especially love offering our brides a very personalised service and experience every single time. When you choose Roman & French you do so with confidence that we will always offer you affordable luxury, high style and exquisite quality.

    As an online store, we are inspired every day by our client's needs and we have become creative in how we can continue to meet our bride-to-be’s needs for one-on-one bridal styling. With the use of technology, we are able to respond to our client's styling needs in a personalised and timely manner. 

    This personalised Bridal-e-Styling Service exists just for the Bride-To-Be! With so many choices available and so many decisions to make, this service enables the Bride-To-Be to communicate with our head stylist of Roman & French for an objective point of view. Maria is experienced with styling brides to achieve their vision. Her style is practical, encouraging, honest and open. Maria’s strengths are in communicating and listening to brides, and translating those needs into something tangible that a bride can take away and consider.

    This form speeds up the process for you, by asking for basic style information and the opportunity to outline the specific area of style-assistance needed. Once you have sent your request for Bridal-e-Styling, you will receive a response email within 24 hours.  If there are any questions that we need ironed out, we'll be sure to ask you.  Finally, you will be presented with a ‘Bride-to-Be Style Pack’ which outlines the style ideas for consideration. Products from the Roman & French online store will be used as products ideas for styling.

    You get to choose how we communicate via email, phone or skype.

    Always remember, that uploading images as part of this Bridal e-Styling process is a valuable support tool to the entire process. By including images of what you are inspired by, or what you already plan to wear will add to the substance of the assistance. Don't forget to include names of the pieces within the Roman & French store that you particularly admire. This all forms a great starting base for the style assessment.

    As a successful online bridal boutique we are privileged to work with millinery designers and jewellery designers from both Australia and overseas in the US and Europe.  So, if we don’t have something in store, we will probably know where to source it from. We will move mountains for our Brides!! We always believe that anything is possible at Roman & French!

    Finally, you’re at no time obliged to pursue a purchase within store even if you use the Bridal-E-Styling Service.