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How to Accessorise? Is it that simple?

We believe that all brides dream of their wedding day, who wouldn’t be dreaming of that amazing day!?  All brides have visions of what their ‘perfect bridal look’ is, and we specialise in helping a bride refine those ideas and bring her vision to life.

We especially love to encourage a bride to stay true to her own personal style, yet her bridal style will be the most beautiful version of everything that she loves when it comes to bridal fashion for her. When a bride can look at herself in the mirror, and stare back at herself, and literally ‘take her own breath away, with the vision of her own beauty’ – we know everything is perfect.

“Accessorising” is not just a pair of earrings and a headpiece. When we refer to ‘bridal accessories’ we review it from a holistic point of view encompassing point of view and discuss stying elements styling ‘from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, and everything else in between’. It also incorporates your bridal party and their fashion styling also, because they are an extension of your overall style on your wedding day.

A bride’s style resonates with her personality and her ‘bridal look’ is unique to her and will take shape as many factors are considered.


Your bridal style, if you love it, then it’s perfect for you!

Once you have identified your bridal style, you can start planning your ‘ideal look’.

Research is key and using social media to establish a gallery of images you love will help you refine your perfect look. There is no right or wrong in styling, but there are some basic foundations that a stylist will follow to establish the perfect bridal look.


Necklines and Necklaces

We love a gorgeous necklace to finish off a bridal look, it’s glamorous and it’s refined, but it doesn’t suit all necklines. A necklace is perfect for an open neckline, such as a strapless wedding dress.

That being said, more and more wedding dresses are embellished and have a lot of detail in the fabric or lace, and wearing a necklace may infact be a distraction to your overall bridal look. So this is the perfect example of where ‘less is more’.

Bridal Earrings

If you are wearing a bridal headpiece, we recommend choosing your earrings after you have chosen your bridal headpiece, so that you can incorporate specific design elements of your bridal headpiece in the design of your earrings.

Similarly, once you’ve chosen your bridal headpiece, whether it be a vine, headband, crown or side piece, it will be important to wear your headpiece whilst choosing your bridal earrings.

We aim to create balance between headpiece and your wedding dress, so your earrings must compliment the overall bridal look, rather than create competition or distraction.

Most brides will choose either a beautiful stud or a classic bridal drop earring. We use face shapes to help us select the ideal earring shape


The Budget for Bridal Accessories

A bride will look beautiful on her wedding day, there is no question about it, and we believe it’s how you put a bridal look together – which can be done with a small or large budget, both are achievable. When we choose a venue, or a hairstylist, we make these decisions based on how reputable they are, the quality of their product and/ or service because of the value they will add to our wedding day. Bridal Accessories are also an important element to your overall bridal look and these ‘finishing touches’ will be essential to completing your vision. As boring as it sounds, allocating a budget for bridal accessories is important so that you can make decisions that won’t compromise your bridal styling.


An heirloom and keepsake

Once upon a time, some of us may have been privileged to receive an ‘heirloom’ or a ‘keepsake’ from our mother’s, grandmothers, or someone close to us, from their wedding day. These traditions are important, because the pieces may be worn by the next generations. So, consider the quality and the reputation of the establishment you purchase your pieces from, and read through other customer reviews to feel confident about the specialist you are purchasing from.