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Roman & French - Online Lay-By

Welcome to Roman & French’s Online Lay-By available to all ‘Very Important Brides’ who are customers of Roman & French within Australia. 

We are leaders in our industry, and as leaders we recognise the need to pave the way in doing things a little differently.

Roman & French are inspired by our couples and their vision to create the most romantic and memorable wedding day. We also recognise that couples have huge expenses on their shoulders when organising their wedding, so we are doing our bit to make the load lighter.  

When a bride falls in love with gorgeous pieces at Roman & French, by choosing to use the ‘'Bride To Be Dream-Buy’ it means you can buy the pieces you love and pay for them at your own financial pace. As an online store the Roman & French 'Bride To Be Dream-Buy is an innovative method to pay for your precious pieces for your wedding day, without feeling the huge outlay all at once, everything is possible at Roman & French!

Roman & French 'Bride To Be Dream-Buy is our version of LAY-BY. Yes, you can LAY-BY at Roman & French. Our terms and conditions are simple, and everyone is happy.

The steps involved are as simple as this:

  1. The customer selects the item/s to purchase.
  2. The customer 'checks-out' to pay for the purchase by selecting the ‘Lay-By (Bride To Be Dream-Buy)’ payment option.



The contract of engagement is the intention expressed by the customer to purchase goods through using lay-by payment as the means to select Bride To Be Dream-Buy.

Customer Invoice and Balance Outstanding 

A customer invoice detailing the products purchased by lay-by and reserved for lay-by payments,  is sent to the customer after the initial payment transaction is made to Roman & French.  

This document details the product details, the deposit payment made and the balance owing for ongoing payment.

An updated statement document will be emailed to the customer after every payment is made. This will become the proof of payment, and will also display the ‘balance outstanding. This document will guide the customer to planning their payments.

The customer is responsible for making payments to the Bride To Be Dream-Buy 

The customer is in charge and responsible for creating and managing their own payment plan towards the Bride To Be Dream-Buy. The goal is to achieve a final payment of all goods purchased within  a maximum of 8 weeks period from the date of purchase, where payment must be finalised by no later than the anniversary date of the initial payment.

Ongoing Payments

All subsequent and ongoing payments will need to be made to Roman & French less than, but not greater than every 1 month (4 weeks) after the last payment for the 8 week lifecycle of the lay-by.

Local Payments

Payments should be made to the following account:

Account Name: Roman & French

Bank: StGeorge


Acc#: 475 844 282

Please allow 2-3 days for amount to be deposited.


Please include your order number as your payment reference for accurate identification of allocation of funds towards your lay-by.

A guide for cycle of payments to be made 

If a payment has not been received by a client within 1 month (4 weeks) of the last payment, Roman & French will write by email to the customer with a 5 day notice to pay reminder, it's important to stay up to date with the balance, so that the full payment is finalised by the 8 week anniversary.

First Payment

The first payment should be no less than 50% of the total value of the purchase.

Anniversary Date

The anniversary date is 8 weeks from the order being placed, not the date of the first payment being made.

 A guide for minimum payments

Apart from the first 50% deposit made to secure the layby and the final payment being made in full, the customer is responsible for their payment plan throughout the life-cycle of the Bride To Be Dream-Buy and must paid in full by the 8 week anniversary which is the expiry of the lay-by. 

Discontinuing the Bride To Be Dream-Buy

If the customer chooses to discontinue the lay-by at any time throughout the purchase the customer may do so, yet the total of the payment made to the date of cancellation may only be used as store credit and cannot be refunded for cash.

The reason being as that items have been put on hold to secure the stock and your order and will therefore need to be restocked. 


Custom Made pieces are not eligible for Lay-By

Given the nature of the piece and the time take to craft it, we are unable to make lay-bys available to customers.


Charge for Re-Stocking Fee

If the customer chooses to discontinue the lay-by a restocking fee of 2.5% of the total lay-by will be charged to the customer.

All monies paid towards a lay-by which is cancelled will be offered as a STORE CREDIT upon cancellation of the lay-by. The STORE CREDIT is available for 3 months after the cancellation of the layby and must be used in its entirety in one transaction.

Items not eligible for lay-by

Items non-eligible for lay-by at any time are 'custom made' pieces or 'special order' items. 

Layby Cancelled within 5 business days of placing the initial order, if payment is not received by EFT in the Roman & French bank account.

If a lay-by has been created and a bank EFT has not been received by the client within 5 business days the lay-by will be automatically cancelled and the custome will receive an email notification that the layby has been cancelled.

Permanent Price Reduction

If the recommended retail price of any item placed on lay-by is permanently reduced in our store, the saving will be passed onto the customer for the difference of the saving of the new price value.

Discounts on items on Bride To Be Dream-Buy

From time to time Roman & French may engage in and /or run promotions through the Roman & French website, subscription mail out, social media or by invitation, the lay-by contract prevents the customer with items on lay-by from applying the temporary discount percentage or temporary discount saving to the value of the lay-by contract.

Competitor Price-Match

If a customer can provide written proof of another online store selling the identical item for a lower price, Roman & French will match the competitor price for the products that are on lay-by. To be eligible, a price-match can only be considered for another online bridal store that Roman & French can be directed to their site and have immediate access to the nominated products for the reduced price. The features of the product must be identical in order to comply with the benefit of 'competitor price match'.

Availability of your order

Each product purchased through Roman & French Bride To Be Dream-Buy will be immediately secured and packaged safely for lay-by storage. This offers the customer the choice to pay for their goods in full at any time after the initial deposit, and receive the goods in accordance with ‘payments received and funds cleared’.

Delivery of Purchased Goods

Once payment of goods has been finalised, the Lay-by will be delivered to the nominated delivery address provided by the customer. The delivery will be dispatched within 5 - 10 days after the final payment have cleared in the Roman & French bank account.

Change of Contact Details:

A client can change the preferred delivery address online via email to or by using the 'contact us' form on  It is the customer's responsibility to update the delivery address for the lay-by to be sent to when the payment is finalised. Failure to advise Roman & French of another alternate receiving address will result in new postage charges to be passed onto the client. The new postage charges will need to be paid by the customer before the package can be sent. The customer will have an opportunity to review and agree to all contact details and shipping details before the product package is dispatched to the client. It is the client's responsibility to update their corresponding email address at all times. No address changes can be made after the final payment has been received. 

Exclusions of Bride To Be Lay-By

Custom Made or Pre-Ordered items are final sales when a purchase is processed through  This means that these items cannot be placed on Bride To Be Dream-Buy lay-by.


We will gladly replace items should a product be damaged in transit and in accordance with our legal responsibilities as a merchant as per our returns policy.

We are unable to accept returns for other reasons such as if you have changed your mind or have made an incorrect choice about the product and no longer wish to keep it.

Roman & French Terms and Conditions will be adhered to for any Bride To Be Dream-Buy purchase. 

Availability of Purchase - Ready to Ship

A customer may at any time pay the balance of the Bride to Be - Dream-Buy and receive their goods as per the terms and conditions of Roman & French shipping. 

Roman & French recognise that not all customers will use the maximum 2 month period to pay off their purchase.  With this in mind, a customer's purchase will be stored safely and will be available to them at any time after initial purchase.  The final balance outstanding will need to be cleared funds in the Roman & French bank account, after which time the purchase will be sent to the customer in accordance with the Roman & French shipping terms and conditions.


Terms and Conditions of Roman & French sales apply to Roman & French 'Dream-Buy'. Refer to terms and conditions, shipping and returns.