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Roman & French, Leader in Bridal Jewellery and Wedding Hair Accessories

~ Being present today whilst making memories for tomorrow, begin new traditions and investing in heirlooms for tomorrow ~


Who are Roman & French?


The founder of Roman & French, an exclusive shopping destination has been passionate about their online store since it started and suggests that it’s a dream come true to offer their clients luxury pieces at affordable prices. 


The ‘Roman’ in the business is Italian and French in the business is….you guessed it, ‘French’!

Roman & French were engaged on the River Seine, in Paris and had two weddings, one in Sydney and one on the French Riviera.  So, with this cultural background, the pieces which they curate for their store have European style influences.  Thankfully, the clients of Roman & French are in good hands, as this team ‘love anything to do with love and weddings’.


Roman & French is a socially respected leader in the Bridal & Event Fine Jewellery, Gifts and Event Décor space.  Their online store is renowned for a wide range of luxury products at affordable prices.  They are a progressive e-retailer and they are always offering their clients the opportunity to save when buying luxury pieces. Roman & French have a dedicated team who share in the corporate mantra of ‘make a difference for every single client with an exceptional experience’.


This dynamic retailer values the importance of the language of love and family. Simply put Roman & French love romance, family, traditions and heirloom worthy pieces! Roman & French are especially proud that so many loyal clients choose to include Roman & French pieces for their special events.  As a focal point for Roman & French, presenting beautiful pieces for milestone events is a cornerstone of each of their collections, which they believe are full of possibility to be regarded as heirlooms or begin new traditions with.


Roman & French was born out of a desire to bring stylish individuals alternatives to consider when creating their theme and vision for their special occasions. These events may be a gorgeous engagement to the spectacular wedding, or the thank you gifts for the bridal party, or accessories for the bridesmaids and flower girls. Whatever the glamorous event, Roman & French offer unique collections at affordable prices for savvy clients.


Although Roman & French are indeed an industry leader with their stunning Bridal & Event Jewellery & Bridal & Event Hair Piece Collections, their online store demonstrates a significant strength in complimentary collections which allow clients the ease of addressing many of their celebration needs in one store.


Roman & French lead with bridal and event collections such as bridal earrings, bridal bracelets, bridal hair pieces, bridal brooches, bridal clutches, bridal necklaces, bridesmaid jewellery, mother of the groom and bride jewellery, cufflinks for the groom they also have a strong presence in bridal party thank you gifts and event décor, including a favourite of any celebration… the cake table!


The loyal clients of Roman and French have benefited from the beautiful ranges of Bridal & Event Jewellery and Bridal Head Pieces to create one of many desired looks of today’s bride….intricate pieces for the mesmerising ‘Vintage Inspired Bride’, equally elegant pieces for the ‘Classic Bride’, all the way to the stunning ‘Modern Bride’ and ‘Glamour Bride’…. the opportunities for brides are limitless…..Roman & French have something for everyone…be it Hollywood glamour of Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe as well as the style of Jackie Kennedy.


If there is one feeling Roman & French would like their clients to walk away with it is ‘that they had an amazing shopping experience at and felt that they were treated special all the way’.  Their client’s vision and emerging trends for the perfect event is justified inspiration for the team at Roman & French to continually develop the breadth and depth of the collections that they present.


Roman & French are proud to send client packages across Australia and indeed the globe, wrapped with love and presented with elegance, style and class. Roman & French are proud to claim that their clients are happy and loyal.  The confidence that they are doing something right is in the knowing that their clients return time and time again for the Roman & French experience.  The relationship with their clients is one full of respect, where they also acknowledge that they are nothing without their clients. So, with this in mind, they go over and beyond to satisfy their client’s needs and wants every single day when they shop at Roman & French.


The Roman & French brand is a name clients have come to trust and rely upon when it comes to very important events, boasting exceptional customer service and attitude, in-stock availability, high quality products and value for money. This is not to mention the luxurious packaging each and every single piece is presented in.  To un-wrap a Roman & French gift is without a doubt a memorable experience! Beautiful black and velvet boxes and satin ribbons, who doesn’t love great packaging and presentation ?! It’s all elegance and class at Roman & French at affordable prices.


Other key benefits of shopping with Roman & French, apart from the wide selection of luxury bridal and event jewellery and bridal and event hairpieces, is the fact that Roman & French pass on savings to their clients. Their clients are not charged for shipping* at any stage throughout the Roman & French shopping experience.  They believe that their clients should not be charged for the luxury of shopping online.  Roman & French is an ‘online-high-street-destination-store’, so why be charged to shop?!


Sure, we all know that actions speak louder than words, but for Roman & French, their client’s ‘thank you’ notes are the perfect validation and that they can proudly offer other store guests when it comes to shopping with confidence. Roman & French know that their clients are savvy and are actively searching for pieces which they can’t live without and are not sold to thousands of other people. Roman & French clients are discerning, mature, stylish and want unique pieces which will allow them to stand out on ‘their special day’!


Decades ago, creating traditions and passing on heirlooms was important in building family heritage. Sadly, heirlooms and traditions have become a thing of the past, with the modern option where many things can be hired for special occasions as an alternative. With this in mind, and borrowing from their own family heritage where traditions and heirlooms are so important, Roman & French have purposefully created collections which hopefully inspire a revolution in creating ‘new traditions’ and ‘investing in heirlooms’ for future generations.


Picture this, the bridal hair piece and bridal jewellery you wear on your wedding day can one day be passed on to someone special in the next generation. Or, the cake knife and cake stand that you celebrate your special occasion can be engraved with your family name and they can be used for every single happy cake cutting ceremony in your new life together, for years and years to come – with a wonderful memory pinning its beginning. Or, the special photo frame you offer as a thank you gift to each bridal party member can be fitted with a special photo of your wedding, sitting proudly in their home for years to come. What about the groom’s cufflinks which will always be a reminder of the special wedding day,  only to one day pass them on to another generation for another special day in the future… traditions and heirlooms in the making!


At Roman & French the experience for their clients starts a long time before they reach their online store….the experience begins when a vision is cultivated in their hearts and minds of the perfect pieces that are needed to make the dream, the vision come to life…..then, once online at the journey begins……but it won’t end when their clients open their beautiful packages, one by one, sent with love from the team at Roman & French…it will never end, the pieces are then part of their tapestry of life….


 *Shipping is not charged to Australia Customers. Shipping is charged for International Customers for purchase and returns.



The Roman & French Team