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    This policy sets out the circumstances in which Roman & French will match an advertised price for a product offered by a competitor of Roman & French ("Competitor"). This policy only applies to sales made by Roman  & French through retail stores or online through www.romanandfrench.com

    Roman & French will match a Competitor's advertised price for a product to a prospective customer of Roman & French ("Customer") subject to each of the following conditions:

    1.     The Competitor must:

    (a)   be a registered Australian business, have an Australian Business Number and be registered for Goods and Services Tax ("GST"); and

    (b)   have at least one physical or online retail store located in Australia operated under the Competitor’s name.

    2.     The product offered by the Competitor must be:

    (a)   brought to Roman & French's attention by the Customer at the time of price matching;

    (b)   identical to a product offered for sale by Roman & French including the same brand/model/features/colour and condition;

    (c)   in stock with the Competitor (not available for back order);

    (d)   not offered as part of a bundled or bonus offering at the time of price matching;

    (e)   in stock with Roman & French at the relevant store (not available for back order); and

    (f)   available for immediate purchase from the Competitor.

    3.     The Competitor's price of the product must:

    (a)   be the price of the product as sold individually and not as part of a bundled sale;

    (b)   be GST inclusive;

    (c)   include any delivery and handling charge; and

    (d)   be verifiable by Roman & French.

    4.    Roman & French does not price match on:

    (a)   Products which are offered through eBay or as part of a bundled, tied (finance or payment), gift card, coupon or bonus offering at the time of price matching;

    (b)   Commercial quantities, delivery charges or handling charges;

    (c)   Finance or credit terms and does not offer finance or credit on the sale of price matched product;

    (d)   Competitor's clearance lines, display stock, liquidation or external administration sales, limited stock offers or time-limited or special promotion stock sell-downs including restructuring or amalgamation;

    (e)   Grey imports. "Grey imports" are products acquired from internationally based distributors other than the manufacturer's locally licensed importer. They are sometimes referred to as "direct import" or "grey market" products and are usually supplied directly to the customer from overseas; or

    (f)   Products or product lines nominated by Roman & French as being excluded from this Policy.


    If you have a question in relation to this Competitor Pricing Policy or believe that Roman & French or any of our staff have not observed this policy, please do not hesitate to contact Roman & French by writing to:

    Customer Service
    Roman & French
    PO Box 3
    Edensor Park NSW 2176