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    End of Retail Store LeaseSale – Roman and French

    The owner of Roman & French has decided to turn the page and take a different direction with the end of lease approaching at the end of this year. We'll be sure to to keep you posted as to the actual  end date in late 2023 for the store. At this point, the website will still be running for a period of time after the physical store closes down.

    The team in store will continue to offer its styling services and one on one assistance to brides and their families but will only be offering floor stock and stock on hand that has been made and is ready to be shipped or taken on the day of purchase.

    No custom orders will be taken from this point onwards. The items on sale will be 'floor stock' or 'stock on hand'. All items are new and ready to be shipped.

    We have thousands of pieces that have been made and now we are offering them all at 50% discount, or until stocks last.  For now, we’re ramping up our sale and everything must go, absolutely everything! The terms and conditions below will guide us all as we navigate the closing down sale.

     Terms and Conditions of Sale


    • Shipping charges will apply and are payable for all orders for domestic Australia or International.
    • No Gift Cards are available as part of Closing  Down Sale.
    • Please choose carefully. All Sales are final. No Refund. No Change of Mind. No Exchange. 
    • Discount of 50% off total price applies to new order sales from 11.9.23 onwards and does not apply to any previous orders.
    • Discount of 50% off applies to the final order value made from any point from 11.9.23 and only applies to purchase of stock on hand or floor stock and does not apply to any custom-made orders.
    • No custom orders will be taken from this point onwards by Roman and French.
    • Roman and French orders may be paid using cash, credit card, debit card, after-pay, zip pay, American Express or Roman and French Gift Card.
    • No part-payments or laybys will be taken from this point onwards by Roman and French.
    • All orders must be paid in full on the day of purchase.
    • This discount of 50% off does not apply to previous orders that are on lay-by, have been waiting for collection or paid in full. The terms and conditions for that sale apply to that original sale at the date of purchase.