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Designer Boutique - YUMMII&I


{Yummii&I} - There is a beauty that lies within every woman waiting to be discovered, waiting to be expressed and waiting for the day that the beauty can be shared with the world.

Unashamed. Proud.

A magnificent beauty that inspires. 

Our accessories are designed to empower women to discover courage, confidence and beauty within themselves.

We believe in the power of one. When one is proud of who they are, they spread love, passion and wonderment everywhere they go. When others are infected with this palpable love, passion and wonderment - they too, then pass it on. 

We exist to inspire love, passion and wonderment. 


Founded in late 2011.

We are a boutique design house based in Sydney, Australia . 

{Yummii&I} was borne from the possibility to contribute and bring awareness to handcrafted luxury artefacts.

Luxury accessories that are timeless and can be adorned from generation to generation.

We are passionate about creating a future for makers who are passionate about quality, craftsmanship and creativity. 

We believe this is the era for the makers. We believe this is the era for handcrafted luxury to be made available for all.