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Bridal & Wedding Clutches

About Bridal & Wedding Clutches

Discover our beautiful and unique selection of Bridal Clutches as part of our Bridal Jewellery collection. A bride, mother of the bride or groom, or a bridesmaid without an evening clutch is unseen or unheard of! It's an important accessory to completing the stylish look for this important event. Visiting the powder room with your day to day bag, or even worse borrowing someone else's bag, will not cut it! Your signature style is complimented when you have your basic powder room necessities in your bridal clutch. A bridal clutch will have enough space for a lip stick or gloss, a mascara, a little cream blush and a mini powder for blotting. I wish you could fit more, but remember, your make-up has been professionally done, so you should have great 'face staying power', the 'touch-up' in the powder room are exactly that 'a touch up'. Our evening bags have been sourced for the glamorous bride who loves embellished detail or a little bit of bit. We have some gorgeous vintage styled clutches also. We also love the nature of a clutch, it is likely to have a long lifetime, and potentially an heirloom piece, if taken care of and stored properly.